Rent a Yacht or Book a Hotel

Rent a Yacht or Book a Hotel Rent a Yacht or Book a Hotel

It is quite common for the interest in a blue voyage to increase with the effect of the pandemic recently. The first choice of holidaymakers who want an isolated and safe holiday is yacht chartering.

If you are looking for an isolated holiday with your loved ones that can provide the same comfort instead of crowded hotels, you can consider this option. Chirpy beach cravings and lively nightclubs are losing their popularity, while everyone prefers isolated bays and places that care about hygiene conditions. Turkey’s beautiful bays in the unspoiled made a boat tour of the coast, is preferred by most vacationers. Weekly private yacht charter becomes much more enjoyable in districts with many hidden paradises such as Bodrum and Marmaris. However, sailing offers the opportunity to take a holiday together with all family members and a group of friends.

Unfortunately, changes in accommodation conditions under Covid-19 measures affect the simple booking process for hotels. Many hotels require Negative PCR test results from their guests before check-in. Rooms are disinfected 2 hours before new guests. Not only yachts but also hotels provide the highest hygiene conditions. In this article, we want to compare hotel reservations with yacht rental.

Both Comfortable and Luxury Holiday Opportunities

Gulet yachts provide a comfortable stay like in hotels. You also have the advantage of having a holiday with the menus you choose. By spending a much smaller part of the energy spent in hotels during the day, you can have a calm, safe and peaceful holiday. You can sunbathe for a long time in a sufficient area and gain plenty of vitamin D thanks to intense sunlight. If you like the crowd, you can choose resort hotel options.

But if you say that privacy is essential for me on vacation, then yacht chartering might be just for you. A yacht charter with accommodation means only you and your family will be onboard. Of course, you can combine your holiday with both options. When you go on vacation, you can choose daily yacht charter alternatives during your stay in the hotel. In this way, you can spend one day of your vacation on a blue cruise.

Rent a Yacht or Book a Hotel

Stress-Free and Quality Time

Especially on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, there are both comfortable and calm spots for a stress-free holiday. During the pandemic period, our social life is available for limited activities. That is why holidays be more important events for all of us. Places, where you decided to visit, must be perfect points as a travel route. Luxury yacht charters that you set your calendar, route, and many other elements yourself, offer the opportunity to enjoy the deep blue and clear waters.

Sema Tuana Deluxe Gulet Yacht For Charter

Get ready for a perfect blue voyage with calm bays where can take all the stress and fatigue yours. An isolated holiday awaits you with the crew who passed all health tests. With options that you can choose according to every taste and person, you can sunbathe all day, enjoy the sea, enjoy fun water sports, and explore underwater.

There are many hotels on the Turkish coastline. Most known places with resort hotels are Kuşadası, Bodrum, Göcek, Marmaris and Fethiye. If you are fun of animations and group activities on your holiday, hotels are more suitable for your aim. If you would like to do regular holiday. The hotel’s beach and pool are enough for rest and fun. With the blue cruise, you can find the opportunity to travel on the routes as you wish, and you can take as many breaks as you want in the coves you want. If you compare it with hotels and yachts, we can say that the biggest difference is a special and privileged holiday.

We hope this article gives to you good answers to some of the questions in your mind which are according to gulet cruise plans and hotel bookings.

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