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Mykonos Destination Highlights in Greece

Mykonos, which is connected to the Cyclades Islands of Greece, is one of the islands that take place in memories with its white houses and magnificent sea.

Fascinating with its magnificent sun and sea in summer, the island opens its doors to fish lovers in autumn. Although the summer season is another beautiful one in Mykonos, those who are considering a tour of Mykonos are recommended to reserve their place for both seasons.

Mykonos - Dodecanese and Cyclades Islands

The island reaches the maximum temperature in June and August. Contrary to the daytime, it is warm at night, and the warm air allows for a sound sleep. The fact that the temperature does not drop too much in autumn and winter makes the island attractive every season. However, May and September are the most suitable months for island tourism. Mykonos is preferred for cultural trips as well as summer tourism. Mykonos tours offer options to meet the expectations of the visitors, both in summer and in other seasons, with both summer tourism and cultural tours.

What You Can Do In Mykonos

Mykonos holiday tour, apart from sea and cultural tourism, also offers flavors that attract attention with its similarity to Greek cuisine and Turkish cuisine. Especially fish varieties are served with delicious appetizers in almost every restaurant. In addition to good food, it is among the most important holiday centers in Europe with its beaches, historic places and the architecture of the houses. Mykonos has more than one beach. Beaches that appeal to different tastes can be easily visited with Mykonos boat tours.

There is much to be said about the architecture of the houses. Besides its world-famous architecture, one of the most popular places on the island is the area called Little Venice. While the area resembles Venice with its outdoor cafes and restaurants, Windmills, Delos island, Archaeological Museum, maritime museum, and Mitropoulou Gardens are among the places to see on the island. Mykonos, which is as lively at night as it is during the day, enlivens the island life with its nightclubs next to every beach. The activity in the streets continues day and night. The island offers different alternatives for both those who want to spend a quiet holiday and those who prefer night entertainment.

Famous Windmills Mykonos

Must To Do In Mykonos

The island has a rich historical past. Those who arrive on the island with the Mykonos boat tour may prefer to visit the beaches on the shores, or they may prefer to go ashore and do a cultural tour first. If the preference is for the cultural tour, first of all, the Gyzi castle on the Paleokastro hills, the Neolithic ruins in Ftelia, the Myconian cemetery in Angelika, and the magical world of ancient ruins draw the visitors in.

There are more than 10 beaches on the island. Malaliamos and Tourlos beach are the beaches closest to the port. The most popular beaches are Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrar, and Elia. Mykonos island tour allows you to see all the beaches and coves. Hora, on the other hand, is a frequent destination for those who want to shop. In addition, taverns and nightclubs are among the indispensables of night entertainment. Besides the beach, entertainment center and historical buildings, its villages are also worth seeing. White houses and red or blue church roofs add a different beauty to the island. Windmills on the top of the island, which refer to ancient times, are among the must-see places on the island.

Paleokastro by Sea

Why You Should Visit Mykonos Island?

The island primarily has a mythological history. The birthplace of the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis in Greek mythology is thought to be the island of Delos. Delos island is very close to Mykonos. Delos has special importance for the people of Mykonos island, which has been under the influence of many civilizations. Mykonos holiday tours usually include the island of Delos among the places to visit.

While even its mythological history, historical buildings, and magnificent architecture are enough to visit Mykonos, the holiday gains a different dimension when night entertainments and beaches are added. With its magnificent nature, colorful architecture, and historical heritage from ancient times, the island of Mykonos takes its visitors to a different time dimension. Mykonos island tours are one of the most impressive island tours among the Greek islands. The island has an atmosphere that makes you forget the time while having fun, eating, sunbathing, visiting nearby islands, swimming in its bays, with today’s opportunities in history.

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