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The Most Fine Gulet Yacht Charter Period

The 2021 summer season is in full swing, and for some, the summer season has already ended, but for some, it has just begun during the holiday season. While extremely hot weather leaves its place at normal levels, the densities in holiday resorts are decreasing.

In this article, for those who want to make a holiday away from the crowd, we will share the advantages of the September and October months, vacation, and boat rental. Everyone’s expectations and purpose may differ when planning a vacation. While some people prioritize having fun on vacation, others go on vacation just to find comfort and peace away from stress. No matter what, the purpose of the holiday is to have a good time and to start your daily business life in a fit and energetic way when you return.

The months of September and October herald the end of the summer season, as well as the return of holidaymakers who prefer the high season, one of the periods that can offer peace and calmness to a higher level. We will try to explain the advantages of choosing these periods for those who want to rent a boat with answers to frequently asked questions.

The Most Fine Gulet Yacht Charter Period

Are the temperatures suitable for a boat rental in September-October?

One of the questions frequently asked by those who are considering renting a boat or those who have chartered a boat before in June, July, and August is whether the air temperatures in September and October are suitable for a boat rental holiday. We can answer this question as follows. July and August are the months with the highest temperatures, especially in the coastal Aegean regions of Turkey. While the temperatures are around 33-34 degrees in the first weeks of September, these temperatures drop to 30 degrees towards the end of the month.

We would also like to point out that seawater temperatures may reach higher than expected levels. Due to the late warming and late cooling of the seas, seawater temperatures reach their warmest levels in September and October. In our opinion, there is no problem that requires you to consider the weather conditions and seawater temperatures while planning your blue cruise holiday for these months.

Will there still be lots of yachts in the Bays?

Contrary to what is thought, the most popular bays in September and October are not empty, but it is possible to find the silence and calmness experienced during the busy season. Some coves can have a narrow location due to their structure, which can cause sea lovers who prefer these points in high season to have trouble berthing and anchoring. In September and October, it is possible to stay alone in a very beautiful and deserted bay, although there is enough space between the boats.

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Is it possible we can catch the nice offers in September-October?

Another factor that plays the biggest role in shaping holiday plans is the holiday budget. Everyone is doing the necessary research to plan a vacation that fits their budget. The route to the determined destination, flight tickets, transfer and accommodation alternatives, food and beverage costs, etc.

Yacht charter planning is the same as these processes. Private boat rental prices are lower in September and October than in July and August. This allows you to charter a yacht that is over your budget during the high season in September or October. Market prices may be lower compared to high seasons, and you may have the opportunity to plan a holiday that suits your budget.

How can I plan my private yacht chartering?

For a good holiday plan, it is very important to determine your holiday dates first. After determining your dates and how many people you will be in total, you should decide on the embarkation point. In addition, it is possible to specify a flexible port preference. In order to find the most comfortable boats suitable for your budget and for you to have a pleasant holiday, you can ask for support from our expert agency representatives, who consider even the smallest details. After all, it will be enough to choose the most suitable yacht among the available boat alternatives according to the dates you want. You can do all the remaining operations and planning step by step with our expert teammates.

For a brand new and different holiday experience, you can reach us 24/7 via email, WhatsApp, or phone call and share all the questions in your mind. As the Guletbookers team, we are at your service to help you and give you a blue cruise experience like your dreams.

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Gulet Rigel
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Gulet By C.F.
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Gulet Reis
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