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Although Kythnos (also named Thermia – due to its hot springs) is one of those Cyclades islands closest to Attica, it remains one of the less known areas of the Aegean. Merichas – the port of the island, Chora – the capital, Loutra and Dryopida are all located in the northern part. The southern part of Kythnos is almost uninhabited, the only exception being the area of Panagia Kanala and the small bay of Agios Dimitrios. The island has 65 lovely beaches (dirt roads leading to most of them) and typical Cyclades landscapes with bare and dry hills, surrounded by dry Stone walls stretching for many kilometres.

The island is dotted with 350 picturesque snow-white country chapels and in the villages there are narrow streets paved with cobblestones, snow-white houses,squares, churches and windmills. Dryopes or Dryopians, came from Evvoia (or Euboea) island and settled on Kythnos during the 10th c. BC. The island flourished in classical times and contributed a trireme (ancient greek galley) in the naval battle of Salamina. The island shared the historical fate of the rest of the Cyclades islands: in 1204 it came under Venetian rule, to be occupied later by the Turks. In 1830 it joined the newly formed Greek state. The island’s area is 99 sq. km, its coastline is 111 km, and there are 1,600 inhabitants.

Chora (Mesaria)
Chora, also known as Mesaria, is the capital town of Kythnos island, its houses arranged on a hillside as if in an amphitheatre. It was built in the 17th century and has been populated ever since. This is one of the most beautiful villages in the Cyclades islands, an enchanting aggregate of snow-white houses, narrow stonelaid streets, whitewashed terraces and several small churches and windmills.

Kythnos Map

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