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Kea or Tzia is a beautiful Cyclades island and one of the most popular destinations because of its proximity to the eastern coast of Attica. It has an area of 130.5 sq. km., a coastline of 81.5 km and a population of 2,420. The island is endowed with ever-changing scenery: steep mountains, small fields, olive groves, vineyards, ravines, picturesque coves and secluded beaches. It was inhabited for the first time in the Late Neolithic era (3300 – 3200 BC) and experienced a period of cultural development during the Bronze Age.

During the Archaic period (7th-6th c. B.C.) four city-states were founded (Ioulida, Karthaia, Korissia, Poiiessa) which communicated via an intricate network ofpathways. During the byzantine period, the largest residential growth took place in the area aroundIoulida. Kea was occupied by the Ottoman Turks from 1566 until 1821. It experienced great rosperity in the following period as a result of the opening of mines and factories and the creation of a busy trading port on the island. Nowadays, there are growing residential neighbourhoods and rising numbers of tourists on the island.

Chora Keas (Ioulida)
The capital of Kea, Ioulida, is located in the centre of the island, built on the site of the ancient town by the same name. It is a picturesque town of traditional houses with ceramic tile roofs, alleys paved with cobblestones, small squares, stegadia (arcaded alleys) and lots of steps along the narrow streets.

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