How Much does it Cost to Yacht Charter in Greece?

How Much does it Cost to Yacht Charter in Greece? How Much does it Cost to Yacht Charter in Greece?

Greece is a Balkan country surrounded by seas on three sides. With the effect of its location and cultural background, it is a very rich country in terms of tourism potential. You can have your holiday and have a pleasant time in the country, which is one of the indispensable routes of holidays with its sea tourism and unique historical beauties.

Moreover, you can visit these nearby areas in an easy and enjoyable way with Greece boat tour programs. To meet your travel needs, a variety of itineraries are offered, depending on the destinations and routes that can be visited and seen with the privilege of Guletbookers. Before you access the cost-effective Greece gulet charter options, you should take a look at the richness that awaits you.

Places to See with Affordable Yacht Charter Opportunities

Thanks to the yacht tour in Greece, you can visit every coast of the country and enjoy the unique sea views. At this point, there are many uniquely beautiful destinations waiting for you. One of the highlights is the Dodecanese Islands, located at the southernmost tip of the country. Islands in this group: Patmos, Agathonisi, Lipsi, Leros, Kalymnos, Kos, Nisyros, Tiros, Symi, Chalki, Rhodes, Karpathos, Kasos, Meis. Another island group that can be seen with the Greek yacht charter service is the Cyclades archipelago, located close to the south.

This archipelago, which is identified with the small marble structures made in the Early Neolithic Age, is divided into 4 as West, North, Middle & East, and South. In each region, there are small islands ranging from 5 to 8 in number. Another group that can be visited by yacht rental Greece is the Ionian Islands, which are located close to the Ionian Sea. There are 7 islands in this group: Corfu, Dianpontia, Paxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia, Ithaca, and Zakynthos. Take advantage of the privileged options to see these unique sights and enjoy your holiday.

Affordable Yacht Charter Opportunities

Featured Greece Yacht Charter Routes

Greek Islands gulet charter options include routes created with some destinations; It is more popular because it is a center of attraction with its natural and historical areas. Generally, Greek Islands yacht charters are available on these routes for one week, one way, or one-way round trip. Three routes stand out as one-way. One of them is to set off from Corfu and travel to the other Ionian Islands, and then reach the capital Athens. On this route, mythological caves, picturesque villages, mythological centers can be seen in the company of vast blue.

Another one-way Greek Islands gulet cruise option is to depart from Santorini in the Western Cyclades and cross the various Dodecanese Islands to reach Rhodes. Thus, a one-week enjoyable route can be followed with different islands and a wide variety of places. Another popular route is to set off from Santorini and complete the journey in Kos, one of the Dodecanese Islands. On the round-trip routes, you can find yourself at the port where you started your journey at the end of the week. It is very popular to travel from Athens to the Western Cyclades and start from Corfu and tour all the Ionian islands.

Charter Prices affected from what?

In yacht charter service, the destination or route where the company is located is decisive. Firms or boat owners usually set the scales according to their own strategies at locations. Although it is not possible to talk about clear results, it is possible to reach a general opinion by taking a look at some tips before getting an offer. The cost may vary according to the length of the route, especially according to the variety of trips. In addition, there are of course differences between daily or weekly prices for Greece boats. Usually, the daily price of the yacht is determined and adjusted to the service period and the total cost is disclosed.

Greece Yacht Charter Routes

The main determinant in yacht charter price is mostly its category. They can be classified as economic, standard, luxury, deluxe, ultra-luxury, and VIP according to the quality of the service you provide. There are different prices within these classes. For example, when looking at the yacht charter in Greece within the same class, the rental fee of the yachts may vary according to the year of construction, the number of rooms, passenger capacity, and size. In addition to this, seasonal periods may also play a role. Due to the weather conditions, private yacht chartering services may be more costly in the summer months, July and August, compared to other months. You can visit the most beautiful coasts and islands of the country with beautiful yacht options and witness the unique natural beauties.

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