Gulet Charter in Autumn

Gulet Charter in Autumn Gulet Charter in Autumn

For many countries, September and October is showing cool and sometimes tough windy weather. Most people can say spring season starting with September but this is not true.

If you are in the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean coastal a done of the advantage is you can find better prices for flights and tourism products as hotels and gulet charter.

What’s the temperature of the weather in September?

That is most of the frequently asked question is monthly temperature averages of the destinations. Let us check this for the Aegean and Mediterranean regions of tourism paradise beautiful Turkey. In September and October Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, and Göcek have quite nice and hot weather. In these destinations, temperatures are still going on 32-34 degrees. Seawater temperatures between 19-21degrees and full of sunshine. So September is a very available month for private gulet cruise holidays. Some of the experienced guests prefer September as a special.

Gulet Charter in autumun

Where should I start my gulet charter?

In our opinion and experience, the best embarkation port is Bodrum. Bodrum climate and air conditions better than other places. We can explain that air has no more humidity and houses and buildings not too high in the Bodrum Peninsula. It’s very helpful for the circulation of air in the area that’s why the Bodrum peninsula air is very fresh and clean. On the other hand, the place offers for sea lovers maybe the best sea conditions. Bodrum is the best embarkation port for VIP Gulet Charters.

Bodrum Gulet Charter Special Offers

Budget, promotion and Special Offers

As you know summer season in Turkish coastal divided into two-stage. These are low season and high season. High season includes June-July and August months of the season. The prices made a peak in these months for all tourism products that accommodation, rent villas, and charter a yacht. In the low season, we can say prices going to be more economic for the same services, and companies going to make good offers and promotions. If you think its too late fort he summer vocation please do not worry. You can easily contact us for special offers.

We are offering you gulet charters in September or October with our experiences. You will have a comfortable, unforgettable, and more economic private charter by  Guletbookers company.

We are ready to assist you on 7/24 for all questions. Enjoy your blue cruise.

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