Destination Of Split Croatia Highlights By Yacht Charter

Destination Of Split Croatia Highlights By Yacht Charter Destination Of Split Croatia Highlights By Yacht Charter

The founding story of Split, one of the important coastal cities of Croatia, dates back to BC. It dates back to the 7th century. The city, which was first established by the Greeks, later came under the rule of many different countries and civilizations such as Roman, Byzantine, Slavic, Mongolian, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian.

It is possible to feel the influence of different cultures in every part of the city and its food. This special port city is one of the indispensable routes of Croatia yacht charters today. The fate of the Croatian city of Split was decided by the Roman ruler Diocletian, A.D. Although it changed with the construction of a palace in the city in 300, this situation could not prevent the city from entering the administration of different sovereignty in the following years.

Being the second-largest city in Croatia, surrounded by the Adriatic Sea in the south and Alpine mountains in the north, the city has a Mediterranean climate. In the city, where the temperature reaches the maximum level in July and August, the temperature is the lowest in February. The summer season is a very suitable period for those who are planning to visit Split for your Croatia yacht charter.

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Split with Historical Heritage

Its history dating back to ancient times and its hosting of different civilizations gave the city a rich historical texture. The entertainment centers and casinos of Split, which are rich not only in architecture but also in cuisine, are also very popular. The cuisine of the Split city, while Mediterranean flavors are dominant on the coasts, regional flavors are dominant in the interior. Therefore, it is possible to reach alternative flavors. At the same time, with the festivals held at certain times, the city promises an unforgettable holiday for those who add Split to their yacht charter routes.

Among the highlights of the city, Diocletian’s palace is right across the harbor and is an important cultural heritage. Besides, Jupiter temple, Split Aquarium, Peristyle square City museum, Ethnographic museum, Archeology museum, and St. Domnius Cathedral are among the places to visit. In addition to the fact that each building also has its own story, the architecture of some buildings with inspiration from the past adds a different meaning to the city.

The best yacht stop; Split

It would not be right to pass your 2022 summer vacation in the port city of Split, one of the most beautiful spots in Croatia, without counting the beaches of this extraordinary city among the places to visit by renting a yacht. The beaches, which offer sea and sun together in July and August, promise a pleasant holiday to the visitors with activities suitable for all ages. Kasuni, Bene, Stobrec, Bacvice, Znjan City beaches are the most memorable of the 12 beaches in Split.

Split yacht rental services offer yachts and gulets of different styles and types of equipment for various budgets, while its beaches offer unforgettable places for both families and couples who want to spend a romantic holiday. The beaches of Kasuni, Bene, Bacvice, Znjan City, Podstrana, and Trestenik at different points in the region are especially suitable for families with children.

Woman standing on top of Klis fortress overlooking coastal city of Split in Croatia.

Why should you visit Split in your yacht charter holiday?

Split, one of the leading port cities from the blue cruise stops, offers many options to visitors, from historical sites to casinos. While enjoying the sun and sea on the beaches during the day, they can have fun at the entertainment centers in the evenings.

Overlooking the sea, the Marjan park, with its wide walking track and restaurants, is a good stop for those who want to take a walk and try delicious dishes from different cuisines during their yacht vacation. Kliss Fortress is built on a cliff and fascinates with its magnificent view. The Golden Gate takes its visitors to ancient times with its magnificent architecture. The city, which is also known for its private museums, offers visitors a special day with its different museum concepts.

The churches and cathedrals you will see during your visit to Split with a yacht tour bear traces of the period when they were built with their magnificent architecture. In addition, the Putalj winery and vineyards are appreciated by wine lovers. With Split weekly yacht rental services, you can visit many different bays and islands on the coast with pleasure over the sea.

If you want to create a special route for your 2022 summer vacation by using Croatia yacht rental services, you can reach us 24/7 for all your questions.

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