Caner IV Ready for Welcoming You

Caner IV Ready for Welcoming You Caner IV Ready for Welcoming You

Turkey is one of the most popular countries for “Yacht Tourism”. The country has 3 big seas as the BlackSea, the Aegean sea, the Mediterranean sea, and also 1 inner sea as the Marmara sea where is lay near Istanbul.

Traditional wooden yachts are a common type on Turkish coasts. “Gulets” are mostly known wooden vessels in Turkey. They are quite large safety, comfortable yachts and very suitable for blue cruises.

Almost all yachts pull up to the land for custom, paint, restorations and etc we can say briefly “Refit Process” in wintertime. Many Yacht owners sometimes busier than the summer season in this term. The owner of the yachts finds the teams of Carpenters, painters, electronic designers and organizes them to fix and restore some parts of yachts. When you looking for a gulet yacht for your summer holiday you can see on details built and refit years. Refit years means; Yacht had some serious process lastly since that year. Usually paintings and some decoration changes made by owners every winter on land.

Characteristic Specialties Of Caner IV

Summer season already started and the yachts come back to the waters one by one. One of these yachts is “Caner IV”.

Caner IV is one of the best gulet yachts of Bodrum harbor in her class. High Deluxe Gulet Yacht has 6 comfortable and modern designed cabins. There are two master cabins, two double bed cabins, and two twin bed cabins in her. Gulet yacht Caner IV made her main refit in 2019 and soft refitted in 2021 too. Gulet design inspires by modern lifestyle features. All yachts provide 220W plugs and multimedia devices. The wifi connection is strong and available in all parts of the yachts. Color of inside the cabins feel freer, have modern lines, and seem authentic altogether. The gulet greets you with her white body color and thin Brown strip in the middle. Deep blue seas and Caner IV are a harmonious couple as a first impression.

Gulet Yacht Caner 4

Captain Of Caner IV has a Message to You for New Season

Caner IV has been complete all preparation and starts the new season with a fantastic blue voyage. We had a chance to visit Caner IV before her first tour and had a very enjoyable report with the captain of her. Captain Mr. Saadet Saylak has been on Caner IV since 2008. He has really good experiences on Aegean sea bays such as Gulf Of Gokova, Hisarönü, Fethiye, etc.

Captain Mr. Saadet Saylak said that the winter period passed very well for revisions such as cleaning, painting, polishing, and some decoration changes on Caner IV. He said that; “We didn’t waste our time in the winter and we worked hard to renew many things for the boat and now we are ready for the new season with our yacht and team. We launched our yacht to the sea for the new season and made our last preparing when she was on the water.”

Captain’s Advice; Best Bays for a stop on Gulf Of Gökova

Captain Mr. Saadet gave some tips especially about the route for Bodrum- Gulf Of Gokova. Saylak suggested some isolated and popular places for our guests. Favorite bays of Saadet Captain’s, are; Adaboğazı- Aquarium Bay, Black Island, Orak Island, Kissebuku cove, Çökertme Bay, 7 islands, Tuzla cove, English Harbour, Karacasogut bay, Sedİr island – Kleoparta Bay in the route of Bodrum- Gokova.  You can easily able to visit all these unique places on your weekly private gulet charter tour.

Caner IV is ready for the new summer season like us. Guletbookers Team always finds the best yacht options which are totally matched with your expectations and organize your trip based on guest satisfaction. Please contact us for all your inquiries and comments. We wish you wonderful blue cruising.

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