5 Reason To Prefer Motor Yacht Charter

5 Reason To Prefer Motor Yacht Charter

Motor yacht cruises have differences from cruising by regular boats. Motor yachts, which are also different in appearance, are distinguished from other boats with their speed.

In motor yachts, it offers services such as accommodation, food, and entertainment in a more special concept.

Exclusive and Modern

Motor yachts are luxury and modern boats so they can show in luxury boat class. Their design and features are generally chic and exclusive. In and out areas of motor yachts have modern lines. Motor yachts have large saloon and cabins. The sitting area and comfortable sunbeds are placed on the deck side.

Luxury Motor Yacht on sea in Bodrum, Turkey

High Comfort and Stylish

Motor yacht charter offers deluxe concepts on water. Accommodation in the motor yachts same as suite rooms of five stars resorts or luxury boutique hotels. Only you do not have to stay in the same location during your holiday. Cabins have large spaces and are well decorated. Food and beverage service is always in high-class concept on motor yachts. During your vacation, at least 3 crew take care of your requests.

Fast Cruises

The most well-known feature of motor yachts is that they are fast. It is sometimes very important to move fast on the water for vacationers with limited time. Motor yachts can cruise quickly between coves and islands. This is a very important feature for visiting different places in a short time.

Time Division

Yacht holidays are usually organized weekly. This general planning is completely different for motor yachts. You can plan your motor yacht charter for 3 or 4 nights. You can easily combine a motor yacht charter with your hotel stay. For example, if you have one week’s holiday, you can organize your vacation as 3 nights in a hotel and 4 nights on a motor yacht.

A luxury white motor yacht in the bay

Luxury Lifestyle

Motor yachts attract attention undoubtedly with their visuality at sea. Motor yachts are examined with interest in the coves and ports where they anchor. Being on such a remarkable yacht is also a sign of prestige. In these stylish and aesthetic motor yachts, you will feel good as if you are wearing a stylish outfit.

Check out our favorite Motor Yachts for Charter

» Maske 3 

Maske 3 is a trawler of wooden construction that was launched in 2017. She has a total of 3 cabins comprising 1 Master, 1 Double, and 1 Triple cabin. You can already look forward to a peaceful and enjoyable vacation in her comfortably spacious rooms, not falling short of your home comfort expectations, coupled with a wide variety of water sports facilities including inter alia waterski, paddleboard, canoe, ringo.

» Babosch

Babosch has a 20 meters length and 5 meters beam. There are 4 well decorated double cabins in her. Babosch offers the comfort of a gulet yacht and the speed of the motor yacht together. She has also a flybridge for the best sunset views.

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