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Motorsailer Yacht King Of The Sea

10 Cabins Crewed VIP Motorsailer Yacht Accommodates 20 Guests

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Baseport: Bodrum

Motorsailer Yacht King Of The Sea Description

The 50m King of The Sea yacht, constructed in 2024, stands as a premier yacht offering unparalleled luxury and comfort for yacht charter experiences. With a capacity to accommodate up to 22 guests distributed across 10 meticulously designed cabins, this yacht ensures a lavish and intimate sailing experience. The King of The Sea is a masterpiece that epitomizes opulence and sophistication.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the yacht boasts a seamless blend of innovative spatial design, integrated systems, and extravagant features. Its design philosophy revolves around creating an atmosphere of relaxation and indulgence, providing the perfect setting for an unforgettable yacht charter.

The clever utilization of space on the King of The Sea is evident throughout, offering a harmonious balance between functionality and aesthetics. The yacht’s interior is a testament to luxurious living, featuring tasteful decor, high-end furnishings, and state-of-the-art amenities.

Guests can expect a sensory journey through impeccably designed lounges, dining areas, and entertainment spaces, each exuding an air of refinement. Beyond its lavish interiors, the King of The Sea is equipped with advanced technology and systems, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable blue voyage.

Whether cruising along the open sea or anchored at a picturesque destination, the yacht promises a crowd-pleasing experience for all on board. In summary, the King of The Sea is not just a yacht; it is a floating sanctuary of luxury, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and innovation.

Chartering this VIP private yacht guarantees an exclusive and memorable sea journey for those seeking the epitome of maritime extravagance in 2024.

Motorsailer Yacht King Of The Sea Specifications

50 Meter
10 Cabin
20 Guest
Year Built
From/Per Day
Cabin Configuration
Charter Capacity Turkey
Capacity in Turkey
20 Guest
Charter Capacity Greece
Capacity Greece
Master Cabin
Double Cabin
Triple Cabin
Twin Cabin
Cabin Equipments
Shower Box
Satellite TV
Hair Dryer
DVD Player
Entertainment & Toys
Paddle Board
Fishing Equipment
Multimedia Options
LCD TV - Saloon
DVD - Saloon
Bluetooth Connection
Music System
Safety Options
Fire Equipment
Life Jacket
Life Raft
Life Ring

Motorsailer Yacht King Of The Sea - 2024 Charter Rates / Per Day

Low Season
Mid Season
High Season
High Season
Mid Season
Low Season
Advance Provisioning Allowance

Advance Provisioning Allowance (A.P.A) in amount of the charter fee (before discount) is to be paid by the charterer in addition to the charter fee which includes all fuel and relevant costs for the yacht and its tenders, as well as all harbor expenses, customs, gratuity and other additional costs for the yacht, crew, client and guests during the entire charter period.

A.P.A. is obligatory for all luxury yachts and it is usually ranged for 30% of the charter price. The Client will be advised by the captain, at intervals, as to the disbursement of the A.P.A and will, if the balance remaining becomes insufficient, in light of current expenditure, pay to the captain, a sufficient sum to maintain an adequate credit balance. Prior to disembarkation at the end of the charter period, the captain shall present to the Client a detailed account of expenditures with as many supporting receipts as possible, and the Client will pay to the captain the balance of the expenses or the captain will repay to the Client any balance overpaid, as the case may be.

Payment for special requirements or equipment and/or shore transport and/or excursions and/or all other expenses not customarily considered part of the Yacht's costs may be required to be paid to the captain on board in addition to the charter fee and/or A.P.A.

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