Weekly Gulet Charter

Weekly Gulet Charter Weekly Gulet Charter

We are offering you an amazing summer holiday in Turkey’s wonderful place by a gulet yacht with your closed. You and your family member going to have an unusual and unforgettable vacation.

Your gulet cruise can be start from Bodrum – Marmaris – Gocek- Fethiye and continue with where you want to sail. If you would not like to cruise too much you can visit around your port city or you can sail to the other port cities and islands. You will refresh your mind with blue and green nature in 7 days or more its totally up to you.

Bodrum Port


First of all, I would like to explain what is embarking on gulet yacht cruises. As you know hotels have a check-in process before start accommodation so Embarking means is check-in process for yacht cruises. As same as all passenger passports or Id cards must be copied before embarking and arrange on the list. That list must be sent to the region harbor office and take permission for a cruise. In a busy season yachts can have cruises back to back so generally embarking time create as 16:00 PM-16:30 PM. Yacht staff make their preparations for new guests. Preparations include; desenfections of indoor and outdoor areas, cleaning of all surfaces, charging of electricity box, fuel, and water tanks going to fill. After the food and beverage delivery process complete yacht ready to cruise.

Gulet Yacht Kaya Guneri 4

Can I embark on yacht early?

This question is frequently asked questions about cruises. Embarking time generally knows as 16:00 PM- 16:30 PM. İf the yacht is available captain let you come in the boat but if it is not only you can leave your suitcases on deck. At this moment you can visit downtown and maybe would like to make some shopping or eat something from local restaurants.

Planning Of Route and  Places

Most guests have a plan about their cruise route and inform us about it but İf you have a last-minute decision to join yacht cruise you do not need to worry about it. Before embarking your captain will inform you about different routes on the map. You can easily understand where are you now and where you can visit on your gulet charter.


Before embarking we are always in contact with you. One of the important steps is preferences about food and beverages. We can create your weekly meal preferences together. It can be basically created depending on how many days you would like to eat fish or meat. If you have some food allergies we take a note about these situations and inform the chef of the yacht.

We wish a beautiful gulet holiday with peace and health to you as a Guletbookers Family.

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