Travel Spotlight As A Remote Place: Kalkan

Travel Spotlight As A Remote Place: Kalkan Travel Spotlight As A Remote Place: Kalkan

A small peaceful Mediterranean resort and fishing town on the beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey, Kalkan has not been touched by mass tourism. More sophisticated than the usual resort town, Kalkan appeals to travelers looking for more than a “sun and sea” holiday. The town is far away from noise and chaos. Kalkan is a perfect secluded place for a summer holiday.

History, Nature, and Gastronomy

The historic town of Kalkan is an enchanting place and one of the most beautiful locations along Turkey’s gorgeous Lycian Coast. With the absence of mass tourism, Kalkan remains a charming and unspoiled haven of lush nature, brilliant blue crystal-clear sea, historic architecture, ancient history, and warm traditional Turkish hospitality.

Kalkan became an important port during the 19th century – even more so than Fethiye or Antalya, its two larger neighbors.  It was settled 150 to 200 years ago by people of both Greek and Turkish origin subject to the Ottoman Empire and was known by its Greek name “Kalamaki.”  Camels brought goods to Kalkan from the nearby Xanthos valley and from as far away as the mountain highlands near Elmali.  Cargo ships were then loaded in Kalkan’s harbor to sail for the far reaches of the Ottoman Empire carrying charcoal, silk, olive oil and wine, as well as cotton, grain, sesame seed, flour, grapes, acorns used for dye, and lumber from the vast cedar and pine forests. You can also see many mulberry trees in Kalkan today.

Remote Place Kalkan

Besides the historic architecture, the many excellent restaurants of Kalkan contribute to the special atmosphere within Kalkan.  Good dining has always been the way of life in Kalkan and continues today. It is possible to find fresh seafood and delicious appetizers (Turkish Mezes) made by fresh local vegetables. On the other hand Mediterranean cuisine offers you ultra-healthy olive oil dishes. In fact, Kalkan is said to have the highest number of restaurants and bars per inhabitant or square meter on the Turkish coast. Additionally, Kalkan is especially renowned in Turkey for its numerous roof terrace restaurants and bars which offer a wonderful view of the town, sea, and stars.  It’s also nice to sit at one of the many fine harbor-side restaurants.

Delicious Turkish Mezes

Gulet Charter in Kalkan

Gulet charter routes generally include remote places as Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kalkan, Kaş, Kekova, Demre. All those places have a beautiful environment. Quite and calm places help you feel more relax and find inner peace.

There are many sea caves that can be explored along the coast near Kalkan, gulet charter able to stop at these and have a break. You can enjoy your lunch with a wonderful green and blue nature. During these breaks diving with a snorkel is an activity that does not to be forgotten. Some gulet yacht charter guests will anchor just outside of the Kalkan harbor and some of them prefer to closer bays like Kaş or Kekova.

Private Gulet Charter

The best period of gulet charter to Kalkan is May- June, and September- October. Due to the high season effect, these months provide you more silence and quite a vocation. Kalkan is located on one of the most beautiful parts of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast and at least one day at sea should definitely be a part of everyone’s holiday.

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