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The Unique Coves of the Mediterranean

Turkey is a seaside country with countless coves and beaches waiting to be discovered on the Mediterranean coast. Those who want to get away from the concept of beach and sunbed on the coasts and get lost in the peaceful coexistence of green and blue prefer the most secluded and natural coves of the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean coves, which are calm and enchanting, offer many alternatives for those who want to swim in the sea and who plan a holiday away from the crowd. If you want to take a short break from the busy and tiring city life and explore the Mediterranean, you can find the opportunity to both vacations and rest with private yacht charters.

Kaş; Silence and Nature

If you are looking for a little sea and a little calm on your holiday, Mediterranean coves and beaches are waiting for you. We believe that Kaş, one of them, will be one of your favorite places, like everyone else, with its bays offering the most beautiful shades of blue, unique nature, ancient cities, and beauties underwater.

According to your preference, this route is usually a route that proceeds from Kaş or Kalkan to Üçağız. On this route, you can visit the region between Kaş coves and the unique hidden islands of Kekova. Finally, he goes to the ancient city of Simena. On this route, you can see the beauties of history, sunken cities, and the perfect sea.

Limanagzi Bay Antalya Turkey

Karalos (Snail) Bay is located in the south of Kekova Island. To reach here, you have to cross a narrow strait by yacht. Afterward, you can experience swimming in a pool with the most beautiful shades of blue. In addition, “Limanağzı”, the natural harbor of the Lycian period, is located 5 miles away from Kaş and can only be reached by seaway. Aperlai Bay is a natural bay located between Kekova and Kaş, which also draws attention among Kaş bays. Although it was founded in the Lycian period, there are also Roman artifacts in this bay.

The Beauties of Kalkan

Firnaz Bay, located far from 4 km from Kalkan, the bay is a great spot for swimming. The bay, which is a point visited by daily tour boats, is learned by bathing. Fırnaz Village, which you can add to your holiday route, and a refreshing education break in the turquoise waters that are missing. Another option among the places to visit in Kalkan is Kalkan Aquarium Village. The aquarium stands out with its clarity among Kalkan bays. Kalkan, which is indistinguishable from an aquarium with its color and deep visibility, is reached by 20 seas. Also, this bay is choosing to be one of the most ideal for your side.

Firnaz Bay Antalya Kalkan

It offers you a peaceful holiday environment that you have always dreamed of, with the calm coves of the Kas region and the greenery that stretches as far as you can get. Hidayet Bay, one of the most beautiful bays of Kaş, is a calm Mediterranean bay. You can start your private boat charter tour from Kaş Harbor to reach this unique cove, which is covered with olive trees and invites you to swim with the caretta carettas. Kaş and Kalkan are some of the most important points of the Mediterranean in terms of beautiful bays. With the blue cruise concept, you can visit all these perfect bays together and enjoy water sports such as swimming and diving.

Where Must see on Mediterranean Coast

Patara draws attention among the Mediterranean bays to visit. Patara is located 43 km from Kaş. The region, which has a coastline of 12 km, ranks first among the longest beaches in the world, with a width of 1500 meters. The beach, which is the private spawning area of Caretta Caretta turtles, has fine pure sand. It is a frequent destination for windsurfers, as it has a choppy sea and is windy. Tekirova Bay is among the calm Mediterranean coves. Tekirova is a virgin bay, gives you the serenity you dream of. The Mediterranean promises a holiday where nature and the sea are intertwined with its most beautiful bays.

Çamyuva and Göynük are also frequent destinations of blue cruises organized for Mediterranean private yacht holidays. The Mediterranean region, which is one of the most important tourism destinations in Turkey and hosts many domestic and foreign tourists every year, offers a full exploration experience with its special blue cruise services. If you wish, you can discover the unique bays of the Mediterranean with these tours.

You can contact us via email or WhatsApp for the gulet cruise routes of these tours and more information. We would like to wish you wonderful Blue Cruises as Guletbookers Team.

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