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Is Turkey a Safe Country For Gulet Charter?

Gulet charter is one of the best options that provide you fun and peace with your family or friends, but most people have a worry about the destination, and the gulet charter is safe or not?

First of all, I would like to say Turkey is one of the safest countries for this vacation. Hospitality and services are on the senior level. The country is not under attack or have not any internal disturbance.

Safety Of Country

Turkey is quite a big country and the population is more than 80 million expanding on 780.580 sqm. The most attractive cruising areas located on the Westside- Aegean Sea. West zone of the country away from problematic areas affected by conflicts. Maybe people have preconceptions to Turkey because of war with terror on the daily world news but that place outside the far southeastern border of the country and there is no life these places. Another point is; It is over thousands of kilometers away from your vacation area, and 80% of the country is under no serious travel warnings. Deciding not to visit Turkey because of this terror news only nonsense situation.

Promenade Of Marmaris to the sea and mountains

Secondly, transportation, if the airports are your main worry you must know that Turkey is a country of tourism where has very modern and equipped airports along the west side. You will be flying turkey either from Dalaman International Airport (DLM) or Milas Bodrum International Airport (BJV). Both airports are far from the gulet charter marinas maximum 40 minutes.

Safety Of Gulet Charters

Furthermore, Turkey is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and each year the number of visitors is increasing. Turkish authorities are doing a good job of providing safety, and security is high. Turkey has very hospitable welcoming people that are accepting of tourists. Also there you will try one of the greatest cuisines and desserts that breathe tradition, history and much more. Of course, there are many rich historic past and cultural towns to visit such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek, and Antalya.

Paradise Island

Turkey coast also has some of the most stunning beaches in the world. There are lots of exotic and virgin bays surrounded by the turquoise sea. The best way to explore these places with gulet charter. Exciting trip with the pleasure of seeing different beauty each day. Gulet Charters can guarantee you with the best possible cruise experience in the privacy and comfort on board with professional English speaking crew. Gulet charters are quite safe due to the shallow and sheltered coastline.

Featured Gulets For Charter

Gulet Rigel
Gulet Rigel
30 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 2.200 / per day
Gulet White Soul
Gulet White Soul
38 Meter
5 Cabin

from € 5.000 / per day
Gulet By C.F.
Gulet By C.F.
24 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 2.860 / per day
Gulet Reis
Gulet Reis
27 Meter
4 Cabin

from € 0 / per day
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