How Combine Your Holiday With Ecotourism

How Combine Your Holiday With Ecotourism How Combine Your Holiday With Ecotourism

Ecotourism is now defined as, responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education. We can evaluate Ecotourism one title under Alternative tourisms.

What is the benefit of Ecotourism?

Business and busy lifestyle get tired people. People generally would like to escape from metropole to the natural and more silent places to rest their body especially to rest their minds. Ecotourism is a kind of missing lifestyle of many people. Touching the ground be inside the nature and grow plants and fruits in their land without chemical contains. Ecotourism offers that to the persons for a short time but more productive.

Imagıne that stays in a place covered by olive and tangerine trees. In the mornings, picking your tomatoes and cucumbers for your organic breakfast. Put natural olive oils on your salad and taste local jams on toasted bread of course with a cup of tea, coffee, or glass of full fresh tangerine juice. Check the coop for a couple of eggs and greets little friends.

All-day walk on the ground between trees and gives water to plants for tomorrow’s harvest.

These all extraordinary movements feel your self kind of reborn. No, any stress no unresponded emails. Only your family and valuable moments.

Why Bodrum is suitable for Ecotourism?

Bodrum is not only offered sea, sun, sand tourism but also green environment villages where many local people live. They provide vegetables, olives, animal products( milk, egg, etc.) on their lands and ready to share that life with tourists interested in that life.

Think of a place where is covered by local olive and tangerine trees. Mostly Aegean region has various wild olive trees but Bodrum has also tangerine trees all around the peninsula. Bodrum has so many tangerine trees that it started to produce products specific to the region as colognes, delight, soda, jam, ice cream.

At the end of winter and beginning of spring-green trees turn into little orange-colored small balls like a tangerine. Owners of the lands collect these fruits and share them with their neighbors or bring to local bazaars for sale. Most people buy them for juice as natural vıtamin C. Bigger land owners sold them for tangerine products. Tourists stay in boutique hotels or rent village houses for closed those gardens. Start the day with a strong but very light and organic breakfast. After that walk to the gardens that sunshine is your companion on that path, and touch trees, smell nature. Collect a couple of tangerines from a tree which is near your way, to eat as a quick vitamin. When you peal it your hands covered by a smell with wonderful essence. Even only walk around and listen to birds and cows sounds good for your soul.

On the other hand, olives are very important for the region to obtain oil. Especially in Agean Region covered in wild olive trees. Over the centuries, humans have grafted, managed, and shaped these trees, giving rise to unique habitats in which wildlife and olive-oil production co-exist harmoniously. Local families own the land and oversee the trees and the olive harvest.
In season it’s very common to collect olives from the tree and bring them to local plants to forget their own natural oils. Many tourist join these terms as an eco activity to have a good time and get relax.

How to get oil from olives?

The olives can only be picked by hand or using equipment that does not damage the fruit; the use of mechanical trunk shakers is forbidden. The olives must be pressed no later than 24 hours after the harvest. Collected olives are placed in a special machine for pressing. As a result of this pressing, cold-pressed olive oil is obtained. Natural olive oil ready to use on your meal.

Open Your Mind to New Experiences

Bodrum is one of the beauties of the world. Most people don’t know that place how looks like. I only try to explain to you from one side of that peninsula. Nowadays Ecotourism maybe is not top trend around the world but Metropol city life bored people day by day and people need new waves to feel better. If your plan is not totaly focused on swim. You can visit that paradise not only for summertime but also beginning of the spring season.

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