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Historical Places You Must To See

Gulet yacht chartering is become a very popular holiday activity in the last years. Gulet charter offers many route options and itineraries during a cruise. In this article, we would like to recommend a route that has the most popular ancient cities and remote places in Turkey.

There are incredible spots on your gulet cruise route going south from Fethiye. These places are located between Fethiye, Kalkan, Kaş, and Kekova.

Ancient Cities & Remote Places Must To See In Fethiye Route

Fethiye is a district in Mugla that is located in the South West of Turkey. Believed to have been founded by the sun God Apollo and took its name from one of his sons by his wife, a Lycian Princess, Telmessos / Fethiye was a famous oracle center. Nowadays this town is home to many ancient ruins.

Fethiye is a well-known stop on gulet yacht cruises and is a renowned yacht harbor. This amazing town is not only for gulet cruises but also can prefer for its ancient spots. If you on a cruise on the Fethiye coast you must visit Butterfly Valley. Butterfly Valley most unique and impressive place in the region. On the other hand, Xsantos ancient city that is the administrative center of the Lycian Federation is an amazing place to visit.

Ancient Lycian City Patara

Patara ancient city and beach may be the most special stopping point of your cruise. Patara is the birthplace of Lycian God Apollon and Saint Nikolaus, the symbol of humanism known as Santa Claus, and is a Lycian harbor. It is one of the longest beaches in Turkey with sands extending along 18 km.

Kalkan is a small fisher village and has fame with Kaputas Beach where welcomes hundreds of local and foreign tourists with its unique turquoise colors and beach. We believe that Kalkan bay is a really quiet place where you will want to take a break.

After taking a short break in this charming town, you will be able to reach the ancient city of Kaş / Antiphellos on your route in just a few minutes. This ancient city is partly under the current city and partly on the peninsula in the east-west direction. Apart from the amphitheater, there is no visible structure that can be reached from Antiphellos. The best-preserved parts of the city are the ancient amphitheater and the graves. When you reach the top seating area of ​​the theater, you will find Kaş and Meis Island with its unique view.

Hidden and Mysterious Places in Kekova

After Kaş, you will be greeted by Kekova Bay, which has an incredible historical texture. The Kekova region spans over 100 square miles and includes Kekova Island and the villages Kalekoy, Ucagiz, and four ancient towns, Simena, Aperlai, Dolchiste, and Theimussa.

Kekova / Simena is a very popular Lycian site, situated upon one of the most attractive spots on the Turkish coast. The ancient city of Simena was once of two parts – an island and a coastal part of the mainland. On the mainland, the charming village of Kaleköy (“castle”) stands today. Kekova has the most prominent ruins in the Lycian and Byzantine eras.

Hidden and Mysterious Places in Kekova

In Aperlai ancient city, the first thing you will notice upon arrival is the city walls on the seashore. Sprinkled fragments of the towers hold details of Roman construction. The rest of the ruins in Aperlai are all from Byzantine and later periods.

On the other hand Üçağız Bay located in the Kekova region. It is also a good shelter for yachts. Üçağız Bay, covered with pine trees on three sides, looks like a natural harbor. The ruins observed in Üçağız Village located in the north of the bay belong to the ancient city of Theimussa.

Dolchiste Sunken City, over the bay along the island are the half-sunken ruins that emerged in the waters. This place is also shown as one of the best diving spots in the region.

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