Gulet Offers For New Season

Gulet Offers For New Season Gulet Offers For New Season

A gulet charter is the unique wooden yacht hire and cruise possible along with the various countries. With this unique activity, it is possible to explore the fascinating coast of Turkey and the Greek islands.

You can have an unforgettable gulet charter experience, especially on the South West coast of Turkey where has many sheltered bays along the indented coastline. On the other hand, the Greek Islands can offer you silence and peace on your cruise.

Gulet charter allows you to plan your vacation with traditional Turkish gulets. The holiday, which consists of personalized services, brings a different privilege above all.

Traditional Turkish Gulet Grande Lale

When is the best time for booking my Gulet Charter?

Unfortunately, when we come to the end of 2020, which has passed with many negativities, the whole world is waiting for 2021 in a very hopeful way. With the excitement of starting the new year, many people are planning to turn a new page in their lives. Even if the epidemic has not been completely overcome, humanity is getting used to living with this epidemic by taking all precautions.

In addition, many people are already planning a gulet cruise, which has become very popular for the new season. Many opportunities are offered to sea lovers for the 2021 summer season. Especially those who plan a summer vacation make their reservations in December and January and benefit from early booking discounts. Those who want to book their dream gulet holiday with attractively priced early booking discounts have already started to call.

Gulet Yacht in Beautiful Turquoise Bay

Guletbookers offers 10% or even 15% discounts with early booking offers gulet holiday this summer. If the dates of your holiday are certain, you can take advantage of the prices that become very attractive with early booking discounts.

How can I take advantage of special offers?

Traveling the beautiful bays and islands with the yacht you rent during your long-awaited summer vacation will offer you a different experience. You can contact us to take advantage of special offers for this experience. With our experience, we can offer you the most suitable yacht options at attractive prices. You can get up to a 10-15% discount on your gulet yacht charter reservations that you will make now and until the first months of 2021.

Please contact us to get information about special offers for many boats in our fleet. As Guletbookers Family, we are happy to assist you with all your questions.

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