Gulet Diaries: Chapter One Start A Vacation

Gulet Diaries: Chapter One Start A Vacation Gulet Diaries: Chapter One Start A Vacation

Hospitality is one of the treasures which is coming from Turkish people culture. You can feel your self at home when you arrive in Turkey. Wherever you go,  the welcoming is always warm and faces have smiled.

Welcoming at Airport

Your adventure is starting with this welcoming at the airport. Vip transfer will meet with you at the exit gate and bring you to the port that your gulet is ready for embarking.

You will have an unusual experience when you step aboard a Turkish gulet for a cruise. Captain and his crew ready for a warm greeting to you with lovely flowers. When you can enjoy your welcome drinks crew assist for your luggage and stuff.

Best thing on a blue cruise not only in the colors of the water, or in the way the sun works at teasing a dozen different hues out of a pine forest, but also in the smile on the face of a crew members and special, fresh and concept foods created by Gulet chef.

Captain has all information about the given route and stop points. Now its time to rest and enjoy on your vessel.

Start Your Blue Voyage

In the morning you realize very uncommon things. Imagine the freedom of switching off your mobile phone, take off your watch, and put it in your bag. Another thing is no ties and suites only shorts and t-shirts. Even you will prefer barefoot to wear any kind of shoes. This is a “barefoot” type of holiday, where the times and movement reflect your own requirements, and your privacy and comfort is put ahead of everything else.

On deck wonderful Turkish breakfast, which is prepared with your requests, is ready for you. A cup of tea or coffee remind you of freedom one more time. This is a truly unique vacation on Gulet, where your only concern is that you take sufficient time out for yourself to relax and enjoy some of the finer pleasures in life.

Daily Activities

After having your delicious and special breakfast with silence nature and quiet sea. You have a full day for swimming and enjoy the sun. First jump to the cool waters prove you this is not a dream. You have real pleasure which you desire. Swimming and snorkeling open to your gate of the undersea world. Fishes accompany you on this adventure.

Your chef and crews start to get ready for the lunch when you enjoy rest and make siesta on sunbeds. Smell of fresh seafood and appetizers wake you up. On the shade, the table invites you to this feast. During the passing to another beautiful bay, the sea brings summer breeze to your deck.

A new stop is greeting your vessel with turquoise blue waters. You are free to hang your new stop after motors stop and anchoring. Each place has a different pure atmosphere and offers you unique views. Distance between you and green pine forest only a few seconds duration as swimming. Sit on the rocks and nose around the fresh forest and salty water blend smell. You also have a chance to walk around and make a photoshoot inside the pine forest. After these small explorations when you come back to the vessel you deserve a glass of cool, aromatic white vine with pleasure.

Sunset to heat your soul and clean your mind from stressful thoughts. You feel your self part of another life on these moments. The whole family who were together at the same table after a long time fells you more better. Dinners are not passing in a hurry in spite of pleasurable and joyful. Stars are shinier and moonlight is whispering to you most romantic words when you hug your good wife at the foredeck.

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