The soutwest of Marmaris: Bozburun – Hisaronu – Bozburun

Destination : Bozburun Duration : 7 Nights / 8 Days Departs From : Bozburun Port

Bozburun Gulet Cruise 8 Days Bozburun Gulet Cruise Itinerary


An other place in Hisaronu, named Bozburun is well known to Captains. In respect to tourism it is one of the most virgin parts of the region. Just like the coral waters of the tropical seas, the waters here turn into turquoise fromdark blue. It is highly recommended for those who want a quite and calm holiday. There are not much more facilites but there are good small place. It is on one of the coves of the Sombeki Gulf. The region, in comparison to other parts of Marmaris, is extraordinarily barren. It has some small fish restaurants in the area. It is said that the best gulets are built here. Every year at the end of October there is the Gullet Festival and gulet races. In the vicinity there are many calm bays that you can get to by boats/gulets. Nearby to Bozburun on Asar Hill are the remains of the ancient city of Larymna. It takes 45 minutes to get to the top of the hill. There are fragments of the city walls, pieces and ruins of tombs scattered around. Bozburun looks beautiful from this hilltop.



After Orhaniye, you travel another popular stops for gulets on the Blue Cruise between Bodrum and Marmaris. The bay is green, the sea is clean and generally calm but there is not much in the way of sand beaches. There are small restaurants around the quay area. There is an eternal quietness that rules the area, perfect for those that want to have a holiday away from the crowd. There are also historical remains around the Selimiye region. There are ruins of three castles of the ancient city of Hydas in the area. One of them is on the highest hill of Selimiye, one other on Sarikaya Hill and the last in Asarkale in the Kizilkoy district. To the South east of the bay yo ucan visit Hellenistic era city walls.


Orhaniye / Kizkumu

One of the most important tourism centres on the Gulf of Hisaronu, Orhaniye sees the gulets that come to Hisaronu pass through. The sea of Orhaniye is always as flat as a sheet. The coulour of the pine trees that surround the area are reflected on the sea, giving it a shade peculiar to this region. The area is so quiet that when you swim you can only hear the sound you create in the water. You will be puzzled by the sight of people apparently walking on the sea. Thanks to the movement of the sand there is a shallow bar in the middle of the cove that divides it in two. This ribbon, of approximately 600 metres, is called Kizkumu.



The most pleasant part of Marmaris – Datca road, is that which gets to the highest point and from where you can see the scenic view of the Hisaronu on one side and on the other side the Gulf of Gokova. You will go and get to coves that compete with each other in beauty. You can get to the village of Hisaronu, which lies on the edge of the gulf that it is named after. Hisaronu has shallow waters and red coloured sand and is an option for those who want a quite and calm holiday away from the Marmaris crowds. It is known that the air of Hisaronu, which is non-humid and always has a breeze, and its clean waters are good for those suffering from asthma and heart diseases. Between the village and the Gulf on the flat region called Pazarlik (or Gavur) on Eren Mountain there are the ruins of a small temple. The ruins are those of the Temple of Hemithea. Diadoros, an ancient historian from Sicily, said that Molpadia (singer) was brought to the region by the God Apollon. The woman singer was worshiped as a demi-deity (Hemithea) and a temple erected to her. He said that the fame of the temple lasted for a long time.


Cubucak - Inbuku - Emel Sayin Bays

Cubucak and Inbuku areas are mostly preferred for camping and picnic places by summer holidayers. The distance between the two places is only 3 kilometres. When you arrive there, you see a beautiful cove surrounded by pine trees. These bays with their clean air, crystal clear seas and quite coolness, are beautiful stopping points those who travel around Gulf of Hisaronu by a gulet/yacht. In additional, the bay of Inbuku is known as “Emel Sayin Bay” by locally named after the prominent Turkish singer was visited here. It is also said that because of her blue eyes, the bay called by her name.



Bencik is a location much loved by the Blue Cruise gulet yachts, with its small coves that make them feel very special. The Port is one of the most preferred coves on the Gulf of Hisaronu and is at the narrowest point of the Datca Peninsula. There has been no construction allowed to disturb you. In the entrance of the port of Bencik there is Dislice (Teeth) Island, so named because it is covered with rocks that stick out like teeth. It is great to wander through the rocks shaped by the sea, playing hide and seek in the caves or diving to see underwater beauties!



Datca is where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean. One side of the 70 kilometre long Datca Peninsula, which stretches to the west from Marmaris, is lapped by the waters of the Aegean and on the other by those of the Mediterranean. Around the peninsula you will find as many as 52 bays, some of which for one full day will be yours alone. You will not be able to forget the beautiful sea with the stillness of an aquarium in Datca’s coves and beaches. The best and most delicious almonds in Turkey are grown in Datca. Fresh almonds (cagla) are picked in February but there is also a chance to taste them in April.


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