Greece Yacht Charter Routes

Greece Yacht Charter Routes Greece Yacht Charter Routes

Greece is extremely attractive for holidaymakers. Great nightlife, various festivals, entertainment activities, and natural beauty, as well as its islands, makes Greece a spectacular holiday destination among other countries. Crystal clear waters, special architectural structures by the shoreline, and pink bougainvillea flowers decorating the coast are magnificent beauties of each Greek Islands.

Islands offering different vacation experiences are excellent alternatives for holidaymakers. Their stunning bays are the best places for swimming. Thanks to its gorgeous bays, Greece welcomes blue voyage lovers for an unforgettable vacation experience. You can make a perfect secluded holiday together with your loved ones under breathtaking nature where the sea and the sky merge together and experience scuba diving activities in addition to swimming. You can discover the Greek Islands by chartering a yacht and have a good time during boat tours.

Greece Yacht Charter Routes

The Dodecanese Islands & Rhodes Island

The Dodecanese Islands are among the most popular Greece yacht routes. The Dodecanese Islands are the best option for holidaymakers who want to have a pleasant summer holiday and are also very attractive due to their location close to Turkey. Rhodes Island is one of the most popular islands of Dodecanese and draws attention with its turquoise color sea, historical artifacts, and magnificent nature. Rhodes Island has an Archaeological Museum, many temples, and different historical places such as the Palace of the Grand Masters.

You could check blue voyage options for visiting these places and walk around the long coastline. Additionally, you could discover a good selection of restaurants and taste traditional Greek cuisine. You could also visit the charming and lively towns of Rhodes Island which is an important place since ancient ages. You could add Rhodes which is the largest island in the Dodecanese as well as other islands to your Dodecanese Boat Tour route.

Rhodes Greece

Ionian & Cyclades Islands Famous for Their Sandy Beaches

The Ionian Islands are one of the attractive places in Greece and welcomes its visitors with its crystal clear waters. The many Ionian Islands were under Venetian rule for many years. You could take a sunbath on white sandy beaches in company with olive trees, vineyards, and fragrant pine trees. Alongside the stunning scenery, you might also want to explore monasteries and mountain villages. Here you may swim with Caretta Caretta turtles and experience different water sports activities.

You should add this place which is famous for its natural beauties as well as historical sites. You should also discover secluded Navagio beach in Zakynthos Island which is the third largest of the Ionian Islands. Navagio beach with beautiful white sand and crystal clear water gives you the opportunity to make scuba diving and offers you tranquility and peace. Cyclades Islands are another unique Greece route. Cyclades Islands have charming villages that welcome you with their well-preserved culture.

Ionian Islands

An Extraordinary Holiday Experience

Bays of Greece are popular all over the world for their sandy beaches and turquoise color sea. You can sunbathe for hours on the beautiful beaches of these magnificent bays and enjoy your holiday. You can visit Balos lagoon near the town of Kissamos in Crete Island for a different experience. Lagoon of Balos has an extremely exotic beach with white sand. This beach has unique scenery and is composed of a combination of blue and green. Agios Prokopios is one of the best beaches on Naxos Island with crystal clear turquoise waters. The Dodecanese Islands of Greece are a sight to behold. You can travel to these islands by creating your own route.

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