First Experience On Gulet Charter

First Experience On Gulet Charter First Experience On Gulet Charter

We can determine gulets absolutely as a smart boutique hotel. So think about in these vessels for one week with all services include concept.

Advantages of private yacht charters are each day you can wake up with a different and unique pure views. After that, you can make your land trips whenever you want only the thing is to inform your captain before your plans and route.

Surprising Creative Design

You can easily think and imagine gulet yachts as a boutique hotel. They have a crew in it whose service you during your voyage. And of course, gulet yachts have a kitchen, bar, outdoor and indoor dinner table also they have cabins like hotel rooms. You can imagine gulets smart, mobile, and exclusive boutique hotels which are stand on endless blue seas. Believe it or not, some of the gulets have a watersport equipment as canoe, pedalboard, water ski, jet ski.

Water Sports On Gulet Charter

Who Asisst You in Gulets?

On the boat, the title of staff can be like that; one Captain, one Chef, one Chef Assistant, 2 Deckhand Crews and one Housekeeper. Generally, the number of crew 4 or 5 on the boat but ıt can be increase depends on the number of cabins and size on the yacht.

Chef is going to prepare for food for you on Breakfast, lunch, and dinner also at 17:00 you can taste small deserts and cookies with your Turkish tea or coffee. Your chef is able to cook foods that belong to Turkish, Mediterranean, and Europen cuisines. Deckhands give you the best service during your voyage. Housekeeper when you are at breakfast make up your cabins and refresh your towels and bins.

Turkish, Mediterranean, and Europen cuisines

Basic Activities On Gulet

All-day you can swim, have a sunbath on deck, do snorkeling at pure clean crystal blue waters, catch a fish, refresh your love on sunsets and under full moonlight, and of course lots of photo sensations.

Believe us 7 days really pass quickly and you go back home with wonderful memories and totaly relaxed. You will grow impatient for the next summer holiday on different types of gulet yacht. You can easily ask for it to us via email or WhatsApp 7/24 and you can easily search Luxury, Deluxe, Vip gulets in our web site.

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