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Exploring Hotspots Of West Cyclades In Greece

Cyclades is the most famous group of islands in the Aegean and includes some of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. Sail lovers showed the area that one of the best private gulet charter route because of the attractive white and blue colored Cycladic islands where have architecture, the traditional lifestyle, island songs, warm hospitality, the land with no vegetation dotted by deserted country chapels, an amazing coastline, and excellent sandy beaches all form a harmonious blend.

6 Unique Awesome Islands

In this article, you can find tips for your plans to Cyclades. There are 25 islands in the Cyclades group of islands. These areas divided into four as; West Cyclades, North Cyclades, Central and Eastern Cyclades, and Southern Cyclades. Each part has wonderful and unique views.

Arieal View Of Kea Tzia Island

Weekly Itinerary for the West Cyclades of Greece

We would like to share with you, our recommended itinerary for the yacht charterers on West Cyclades. You can find the name of each island and some tourist attractions there.

– Day One

Kea(Tzia); Kea or Tzia is a beautiful Cyclades island and one of the most popular destination. The island is endowed with ever-changing scenery: steep mountains, small fields, olive groves, vineyards, ravines, picturesque coves, and secluded beaches. Nowadays, there are growing residential neighborhoods and rising numbers of tourists on the island.

Dinner at Korissia because that place also called Livadi, is the port of Kea, located on the west side of the island. It is particularly picturesque and cosmopolitan, with many shops, bars, cafés, restaurants, and wonderful sandy beaches.

Kea Tzia Island Cyclades Greece

Chora Keas (Ioulida) is the capital of Kea/ loulida. That is located in the center of the island, built on the site of the ancient town by the same name. It is a town of traditional houses with ceramic tile roofs, alleys paved with cobblestones, small squares, stegadia (arcaded alleys), and lots of steps along the narrow streets.

– Day Two and Three 

Kythnos; Although Kythnos (also named Thermia – due to its hot springs) is one of those Cyclades islands closest to Attica. it remains one of the less known areas of the Aegean. The southern part of Kythnos is almost uninhabited. The only exception being the area of Panagia Kanala and the small bay of Agios Dimitrios.

Turquoise Sea Paradise Beach Fykiada Island of Kythnos

The island has 65 lovely beaches (dirt roads leading to most of them) and typical Cyclades landscapes with bare and dry hills, surrounded by dry Stone walls stretching for many kilometers. We recommend this island for people who enjoy sunbathing on beaches for at least two nights.

– Day Four

Serifos;  This island is situated between Kythnos and Sifnos. Its traditional island features have remained unaltered thanks to moderate tourism growth. According to mythology, Perseus arrived on the coast of Serifos with his mother, Danae, locked up in a chest.

Tradtional Greek Island Serifos

To punish Polydefkis, king of Serifos, he killed Medusa the Gorgon and showed him the severed head; that resulted in Polydefkis turning into stone. In the land of Serifos, there are valuable mineral resources that brought great prosperity to the island especially after the 6th c. BC.

We believe that fan of history and ancient stories really like this place.

– Day Five

Sifnos; Traditional whitewashed village houses, countless churches, picturesque dovecotes, windmills, and beaches with crystal blue waters make up the image of Sifnos. The island has a long tradition in pottery and there are many ceramics and pottery workshops open today. Sifnos is located between Serifos and Milos. On that way island really easy access from other islands. It’s worth to one-night stand near this island.

– Day Six

Milos; Milos is located at the southwestern edge of Cyclades and is the group’s fifth-largest island. It has an area of 151 sq. km, a coastline of 126 km and there are 4,770 inhabitants. Milos Island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. During the Persian Wars, the locals fought against the Persians in the naval battle of Salamina and they kept a neutral position later during the Peloponnesian War. Trade thrived in Roman times. In the Byzantine period, the island suffered frequent pirate raids, with locals taking refuge mainly in the south side, in caves and coves. We recommend visit to Trypiti where is a beautiful village built in the typical Cycladic architectural style, with picturesque windmills and a lovely view of Milos bay.

Ancient Roman Theater Milos Island Greece

Milos has important places where you must to see; First one is the Ancient Roman theatre which is in 1820, a farmer discovered here the famous statue of Aphrodite (Venus of Milos) that is on display at the Louvre Museum.

The Catacombs is an important place because next to the catacombs of Rome and the Holy Land. These are the most important early Christian cemeteries and places of worship dating back to the Christian persecution period.

– Day Seven

Kimolos; The island located next to Milos. Despite its small size (area: 39 sq. km, coastline: 38 km, and population: 770), it possesses numerous sites that are worth visiting. It is a volcanic island. With a startling variety of rock formations, such as bentonite (or chalk land), a type of primary rock that was used to make porcelain. Kimolos is endowed with lovely beaches of fine sand and pebbles in small picturesque coves.

Island Of Kimolos, Milos Island Cyclades Greece

Chorio Kimolou is the capital town of the island where made up of two settlements, the Old and the New Village (Chorio). You must to see in that stop; The medieval castle formerly a pirate hide-out and the Archaeological Museum with finds from excavations in the “Ellinika” location, covering the period from the Mycenaean up to the Hellenistic times.

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