Early Booking a Charter for 2021 Season

Early Booking a Charter for 2021 Season Early Booking a Charter for 2021 Season

Guletbookers wish everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year! While the heart-warming days of holiday season means work has been put aside for this week or even next week, stop for a minute.

Group of Holiday

  • Look around your favorite group of holiday people and throw a question their way. What would you like to be doing for holidays together in the year 2021 or 2022?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be sitting in bright sunshine every day? Topping up the tans, reading in the shade, sipping a cold drink?
  • Taking your turn with the canoe and slipping off the ladder for an early morning swim?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be on a beautiful wooden gulet, that cruises along a superb coastline of turquoise waters?
  • Remote coves and interesting villages?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be waited on by an attentive crew and feted with delicious meals every day?
  • Wouldn’t we like to get together for an adventure on the gulet of our choice and from the destination of our choice?
  • Who can resist such a tempting vision? The answer is yes to all the above and now is the time to start. The list of who will come and when, and what you need in a gulet. Now.
  • Who can help you with those needs? This is where Guletbookers can help with finding what is the best gulet for your special group.

Why now you ask, as it might well be over 6 months or more than a year before we want to go on a holiday charter. Here are three reasons why booking in advance is a good move for you.

Turkish Coast

The first answer lies in the season. As you know, the height of the best gulet cruising season along the Turkish coast is July to September. And many other people know that too, including our guests who leave their gulet holiday so happy with their charter holiday and the crew that they book the same boat immediately for next season.

One of the most sought after of Bodrum gulets, DIDI, has a proven track record of providing a stylish luxurious gulet cruise holiday for small groups, but the prime weeks may get booked as early as the end of the same summer or by New Year.

Quality Gulets

If you want the best choice of quality gulets within your budget, with the configuration of cabins for your group. Then now is the time to take advantage of having the most gulets available for booking next year, particularly for the high European summer season, and coinciding peak Turkish holiday weeks in July and August for 2021, 2022, and even 2023.

One of our distressing jobs at Guletbookers is having to hunt high and low for gulets at the last minute, and either not finding the right one for our clients or compromising with a lower grade boat at higher prices.

Speaking of prices, that is the third advantage that you can enjoy right now. Before all the new season prices are set, you can book at the early offers on the season’s prices as listed.

Planning for a big group? Then it is imperative that you request what is available for groups over 14 passengers for the next season, as the fewer gulets licensed to take larger numbers and where they can cruise is limited. The Guletbookers team is ready to give prompt assistance on all facets of the big group holiday afloat on gulets.

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