Cook Your Own Food at Private Gulet Cruise

Cook Your Own Food at Private Gulet Cruise Cook Your Own Food at Private Gulet Cruise

Private gulet yacht cruises are very popular for summer holidays for people who prefer quieter and more exclusive holiday. If you try well-organized private gulet yacht charter once, we believe it going to be a usual and routine holiday habit for you.

Which foods should you buy for your gulet yacht charter?

One of the main things is eating in our daily life. This is also important on holidays as always. We give some suggestions to you If you interested in making your shopping on your own for your weekly private gulet cruise.

First of all, we would like to talk about which products are more suitable for yachts. As many of you know that modern yacht’s kitchen and storage lockers as the same as the kitchens which we have in our houses. In that way, you can buy for your yachts whatever you want the same as in your house.

Food & Drink on Board

Do your shopping list step by step!

You can start with deciding the list like; food for breakfast, greengrocer and fruits, meats, chicken and fish, kitchen needs that for example pasta, rice, oil, salt sugar, flour, spices, etc.

You do not need to buy specific foods but only the one thing is important that how many and how much should you buy foods. By the way one of the important things is drinking water. As you guess on the boat one of the most necessary things is water. You should buy demijohn bottles which are each 19lt. For one week for 8 people, including crew, you should order at least 6 bottles. This water also for using for cooking. Also, you should need to buy lots of small plastic bottles 0,33cl and 1,5cl big bottles of water. We suggested some products must be more than others for example Tomato because it is using for almost three courses as breakfast, lunch, and dinner and in salads.

Our suggestion is to make your list with the chef of your gulet yacht. Because your chef knows about which products use during on blue cruise.

Which products I have to take buy for my yacht charter?

How can I make daily menu planning?

One of the best incident choice on yacht charter is menu creation. You can make your meals totaly personal for each day even for each meal. This is very helpful for gluten-free, lactose-free meals and of course for any allergic sensitizations.

We can arrange coordination with the chef of your gulet, before the charter date and create your daily exclusive menu items for your cruise.

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