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5 Popular Gulet Cruise Routes For Your Holiday

Gulet cruises are the most beautiful way to explore the hidden, remote coves and islands. Best Gulet cruise routes are along the South West coast of Turkey between Bodrum-Antalya. Gulet cruises offer unspoiled nature and the most remarkably crystal turquoise blue seas of the Agean and Mediterranean.

These coastal are one of the safest waters to swim and sail in the world. In this article, we would like to talk about popular gulet cruise routes for your vacation plans.

Gulet Cruising to the Northern Dodecanese

This route is starting from Bodrum and the duration of cruising is 7 nights. Embarkation and departure is from Bodrum city Port. The route is inclosing popular Greek Islands such as Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Patmos, Leipsoi, and Pserimos. Click to view Northern Dodecanese gulet cruise route.

Göcek to Marmaris One Way Cruise

For this route, embarkation is Göcek where is a very popular yacht port. Departure port in Marmaris where is such a natural beauty. The duration of the cruise is 7 nights. Göcek-Marmaris route is inclosing Yassi Island, Bedri Rahmi Bay, Gobun & Cleopatra Coves, Pig Island, Tersane Island, Aga Port & Kocabuk, İztuzu Beach, Dalyan Cove, Kaunos Ancient City, Ekincik Bay, and Turunc Bay. Click to view Göcek to Marmaris One Way gulet cruise route.

Göcek to Marmaris One Way Cruise

Marmaris – Hisarönü Gulf – Marmaris

We can call this route a journey to a green paradise. Embarkation is from Marmaris city port. The duration of the cruise is 7 nights. Hisarönü gulf offers unique and hidden bays along the coast. In this route, you will explore Kumlubuk Beach, Kadırga Bay, Serce Cove, Bozukkale Bay, Loryma Ancient City, Datça Peninsula, Bencik, Orhaniye, Kızkumu Beach, Bozburun, Selimiye, Ciftlik Bay. Click to view Marmaris – Hisarönü Gulf – Marmaris gulet cruise route.

Cruising to Southern Dodecanese Islands From Bodrum

Bodrum has well located close to the Greek Islands. Especially route for Southern Dodecanese is not only inclosing Greek Islands but also have many beautiful bays on Turkish waters too. This route starts in Bodrum and ends in Bodrum. The duration of the cruise is 7nights. Southern Dodecanese route is inclosing Datça Peninsula, Knidos, Bozburun, Symi, Rhodes, Chalki, Tilos, Nisyros, and Kos. Click to view Cruising to Southern Dodecanese Islands From Bodrum gulet cruise route.

Cruising to Southern Dodecanese Islands From Bodrum

Gulet Cruise Fethiye – Marmaris – Fethiye

Fethiye has a rich historical and cultural texture. The town offers history, green nature, and turquoise beaches. There are twenty popular bays and beaches even around Fethiye. Route of Fethiye between Marmaris offers you unique and amazing places. The duration of this cruise is 7 nights. Destinations of this route are Aga Port, Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan, Kaunos Ancient City, Kadirga Cove, Marmaris, Sarıgerme, Ekincik, Cleopatra Bath, and Knight Island. Click to view Gulet Cruise Fethiye – Marmaris – Fethiye route.

You also have the possibility to create a special route that includes the places you like on these popular routes. Please contact us for tailor-made route selections. We would like to wish you a memorable gulet cruise as Guletbookers Family.

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