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5 Best Cities to visit in Croatia

It is possible to come across the rich historical texture of past civilizations in almost every city in Croatia, which has hosted different civilizations throughout history. Not only as a cathedral, castle, church, or museum but also in the formation of food and entertainment culture, its historical past has a great share.

The most beautiful cities of Croatia make you feel like you are in the land of fairy tales with their visually aesthetic structures. Cities located in the middle of rich vegetation and greenery also carry historical experiences to the present day. Although there are many options for those planning a holiday in Croatia, as 5 cities must be seen; These include Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Hvar. While the cities lined up by the sea in Croatia promise a pleasant sea holiday with boat rentals, they also offer an unforgettable holiday to their visitors with their islands. Croatia offers you many places to visit and see in different cities. We wanted to give you some information about the most beautiful cities in Croatia.


The first city that comes to mind when Croatia is mentioned is Zagreb. Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, draws attention with its architectural structure. It is possible to experience 4 seasons in a city that does not have a coastline. Medieval artifacts are often found in the city, which consists of two parts, Gornji grad, and Donji grad. The city is famous for its squares with statues of heroes who defended the country. In addition, it draws attention with its two gothic towers in the architecture of St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

While the Croatian Nation theater serves the art of theater with its magnificent architecture, the Vatroslav Lisinski concert hall is one of the important works of modern architecture. Zagreb is a city that stands out with its cultural texture. Maksimir Park and Bundek park and the lake in Zagreb are among the natural beauties of the city. Witnessing history with its squares, monuments, and churches, the city has succeeded in catching up with its modern architectural examples. In addition, it is remarkable that the painting of Mary on the city gate from the 13th century has survived to the present day.

Dudrovnik Croatia Aerial View at the town


The fact that it offers both sea and nature holiday alternatives are two important reasons why Croatia can be included in holiday plans. It is a very popular city with boat rentals, especially between Croatian coastal cities. Having a coast on the Adriatic Sea, Split is among the most beautiful coastal cities in Croatia. It is the ideal choice for those who want to have both a sea and nature holiday in the city where the sea and nature are presented together. The palace of Dieklotianus in Split welcomes its visitors in all its splendor. In addition, the bell tower, St. Many historical buildings such as Duje Cathedral and Peristyle Square can be counted among the places that history lovers would like to see.

Waterfront of Split City with Walking People


While Dubrovnik is fascinating with its historical past, it is also a very touristic city due to being a coastal city. The city in the south of Croatia also draws attention with its Venice-like architecture. The fact that the city has been on the UNESCO cultural heritage list since 1979 is an important advantage of the city. It is a different pleasure to reach the seaside by passing through narrow streets where historical buildings are located. Private yacht charter cruises are also very popular from Dubrovnik.


Among the cities of Croatia, Zadar is the oldest city in the country. It draws attention as both a coastal city and the country’s 5th largest city. There are many historical Roman artifacts in the city. Historical structures inherited from many civilizations open the doors of another world to those who come to visit the city. Must-sees in the city include the Roman Forum, San Anastasia Cathedral, St. Donat’s Church, Zadar Cathedral, and the National Square. On the other hand, other very popular places known around the world are natural wonders such as Organo Marino (Sea Organ) and Greeting the sun.


Hvar is one of the best-known islands in Croatia. Located on the Dalmatian coast, the island is a must-see route, especially in Croatian boat rentals. The island, which is a paradise of sea and sun, is generous in offering many water sports alternatives as well as a peaceful rest. There are olive trees and vineyards on the flat parts of the island, whose high parts are covered with pine forests. Hvar has nearly 100 local grape varieties in the region. We strongly recommend that you attend wine tastings during your visit to Hvar. It offers many natural and historical places with Hvar Fort and harbor, Mlini beach, city theatre.

Discover the most beautiful Croatian coastal cities on your private boat rental holiday. Saint Luca is ready to give you the best service on the Croatian coast, with a length of 29 meters. There are 5 comfortable and stylishly designed cabins on the yacht, the construction of which was completed in 2019. While visiting the most beautiful bays and islands of Croatia, you can enjoy the magnificent sunset with the jacuzzi on the deck. The entertainment service of the Saint Luca boat is not limited to this. You can activate your holiday during the day with water sports such as water skiing and ringo.

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