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Destination : Bodrum Duration : 3 Nights Departs From : Bodrum Port

Bodrum Gulet Cruise 3 Nights Bodrum Gulet Cruise Itinerary


Bodrum has a history that goes back to the 12 th century B.C. The city which was called ‘Halicarnassus’ was the birthplace of Herodotus; the ‘Father of History’ who lived in the 5th century B.C. The ‘Mausoleum’ of King Mausolus (350 B.C.) which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is in this city. The only structure that survived from the Classical Era is the Amphitheatre. Another place that you should visit when you arrive in Bodrum is the landmark of the city ‘Castle of Saint Peter’. It is one of the best preserved piece of work whose history goes back to the Middle Ages.
Bodrum Harbour is 20 minutes from Bodrum- Milas (BJV) International Airport. Besides its wealth of history, Bodrum is also famous for its nature, crystal and clean sea and nightlife.



Endless beaches with turquoise waters; lush vegatation and abundantly flowing streams; ancient and medieval monuments; grand edifices of Italian architecture all come to spell one word: Kos, the third largest island of the Dodecanese Group, only 4 miles away from the coast of Turkey. It is said that the island was named after the daughter of Merops, an ancient king – according to legend – who was also known as Koos. It is the birthplace of Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” (460-377 BC). It has been populated since neolithic times (5th-4th millenium BC). In the 14th century, the Knights Hospitaller of the Order of St John took over the island, strengthened the fortifications of older castles and built new ones. During the Turkish Occupation, the island suffered onslaughts by many invaders (the Knights, the Venetians, etc.). A number of monumental public buildings were constructed during the Italian rule (1912-1945). The island was integrated in Greece in 1948.



Pserimos has a 15 sq. km area and a population of approximately 150. This island offers the opportunity for a truly quiet vacation. Excavations have revealed ruins of an ancient settlement; certain archeologists consider it to have been the ancient dimos [town] of Perraiotan. Platy islet lies to the west; a segment of it is a rocky isle known as Nekrothiki. All of Pserimos’ beaches are good for swimming while the beach in Vathys cove is the best by far.



Kalymnos is the fourth largest island of the Dodecanese Group.It has often been called the “island of the sea sponge harvesters” due to the growth of the Greek sponge-harvesting trade in the 19th century. After WWII, Kalymnos remained the only Greek island engaged in the sea sponge-harvesting activity, supplying domestic as well as foreign markets and consequently making Kalymnos known as “the island of sponge harvesters” to the present day. In antiquity, Kalymnos and Leros were known as the Calydnae Islands. The first inhabitants of Kalymnos are said to have been the Kares from Asia Minor. In 1306 it was conquered by the Knights Hospitaller of Rhodes, who remained on Kalymnos until 1522 when the Turks occupied the island. The Italians took over in 1912 and in 1948 it was integrated in Greece. Today it is a tourist destination known worldwide for offering alternative-style vacations and activities such as climbing, scuba diving, mountain hiking and spelunking.



After Bodrum the largest residental area is Turgutreis. In the town there is a statue of great seaman Turgut Reis, a famous captain from the region that is named after him. The waters arond the small island of Catal in front of Turgutreis has suitable winds for wind surfing, and with its cool airiness and the variety of quality hotels it is a rival to Bodrum. The region is also developed as an agricultural area. There are an abundance of mandarins, figs and grapes. The 14 large and small and islands forming the Sporat group are lined up in front of Turgutreis. Greek Islands such as Kos (Istankoy) and Kalymnos are right next to them. Turgutreis has a private marina which is located in the centrum and named D-marin Turgutreis. You can find many famous brand’s shops, restaurants, cafes and bars at the marina side.


Akyarlar (Kefaluka)

The bay of Akyarlar is in 22 kilometres from the centre of Bodrum. It stretches between Akyarlar and Koca Points, one and a half kilometres to the east. Akyarlar Point is the eastern end of the peninsula, where slice of White rocks form ravines. This is the closest point to the Greek Islands of Kos. The distance is only five kilometres. Akyarlar, which is located on the eastern shore of the cove, used to be a village of fisherman and sponge divers. Now the place is very popular tourism resort. Once you get to the waterfront there is the fisherman’s cottage on the right and resturants in the centre and the moon shaped beach on the left. The place is one of the most popular resorts with windsurfing experts. The strong winds that come from above on the hills mostly blow from land towards the sea. The Huseyin Point Lighthouse was built by the French in 1931. The area below the lighthouse is the sandy beach is called “Kum Hamam?” (the Sand Bath).


Aquarium Bay

On the peninsula between Gumbet and Bitez there is Akvaryum Bay (Aquarium bay), stretching for three kilometres towards the South. In front of it is Gorecik Island, which is also called Ic Island. Between the peninsula and the island there is an area forming a strait and the cove, a sheet of bright clean water rightly know to locals as the aquarium. Throughout the day it get hoards of daily boat trips and at night yachts that anchor there.


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